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Our garments are more than the sum of fabric, patterns and accessories. They have a story to tell, the story of who they are and where they come from.

15. November 2022

USN Stencil on N1 Deck Jacket

We often get asked how to correctly apply the added U.S.N. stencil to our N1 Deck Jackets - so we have put together an easy to follow step by step guide for the stenciling you will require:broad m...

2. November 2022

Our new Heavy Duty Wallets are in stock!

We have made a new series of our popular heavy-duty wallets. The wallets were made in Portugal with thick and rich cowhide. You can choose from two styles: 1937 Roamer Wallet: the more extended ve...

19. Oktober 2022

Armor Cloth - a very stiff but robust waxed co ...

The 1908 Miner Jacket was born during the golden era of gold mining in North America. Jackets of that era had a simple but functional design and were made to protect the owner from their daily work...

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1908 Miner Jacket waxed olive

1937 Roamer Vest waxed olive

1927 Henley Shirt long sleeve faded black

1963 Roamer Pant 13oz pitch black

1927 Henley Shirt long sleeve ecru melange

1948 Moc Toe Boots brown

1952 Pattern Trousers olive selvage

1905 Hauler Braces Lincoln brown

1966 Low Quarters black

1936 Chopper Jacket 16oz pitch black

1941 USN Seaman Sweater olive

1963 Roamer Pant 13oz pitch black

1908 Miner Jacket waxed tan

1937 Roamer Vest waxed tan

1963 Utility Belt brown

1963 Roamer Pant 13oz pitch black