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Our garments are more than the sum of fabric, patterns and accessories. They have a story to tell, the story of who they are and where they come from.

1. Februar 2023

Goliath Cord – The heavy but gentle giant

Cord and especially heavy cord has been a substantial part of European workwear since the 18th century, especially among woodworkers like carpenters who widely use it until today. Traditional...

6. Dezember 2022

An Army in Blue Denim

Today armies around the world wear green or camouflage as their daily attire. But this had only sometimes been the case. For example, the U.S. Army wore blue denim shirts and pants from the 1920s t...

15. November 2022

USN Stencil on N1 Deck Jacket

We often get asked how to correctly apply the added U.S.N. stencil to our N1 Deck Jackets - so we have put together an easy to follow step by step guide for the stenciling you will require:broad m...

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1944 USN Watch cap deep sea

1940 Army Denim Shirt indigo

1940 Army denim trousers indigo

1947 Trapper Boot brown

Buccanoy Shirt portland white

1905 Hauler Pant upland brown

1905 Hauler brace gatsby brown

1966 Low Quarters black