About our Denim

One of the essential cornerstones of our products is choosing the correct and most authentic fabric – especially when it comes to our denim products. Our jeans are made from vintage patterns and with the most authentic denim fabric. We have all our custom-made denim on vintage shuttle looms to get the perfect product.

So is not only the appearance of our denim genuine but also the way the fabric is made. Just like during the 1930s and 40s. Only by going this extra mile can we offer a finished product that meets our high expectations regarding quality and style.

Denim Care

The denim we use is raw indigo dyed and with a selvage edge. This means it is unwashed and deep blue – just as it comes off the loom. Raw selvage denim is stiff, rugged, and rich in structure. Like a raw diamond, it needs to be worked on and worn in to develop its full beauty. 

There are several approaches of how to wearing and caring for your denim, but generally, the jeans should be worn as long as possible before washing them for the first time, ideally about 3-6 months. Only by avoiding water and any cleaning detergents do the indigo and the starch stay in the fabric and help to develop your very personal pair of jeans.

By wearing them every day, they will adapt to your body and gain your personal wear marks. Over the years, they will become like a family member or a dear friend. A character that accompanies you through life and in your undertakings, sharing the good times and the bad with you. 

If you really feel you need to clean your denim jeans, take them to the dry cleaner. That means they will keep their sturdiness and deep blue color, and shrinkage is kept to a minimum. Alternatively, a good soak in the bathtub with cold water and some biological detergent will also clean your denim.