Armor Cloth - a very stiff but robust waxed cotton fabric

The 1908 Miner Jacket was born during the golden era of gold mining in North America. Jackets of that era had a simple but functional design and were made to protect the owner from their daily work duties. Our 1908 Miner Jacket has the typical pleats to the front for expansion and three front pockets. The classic box fit gives it the typical silhouette in many period photographs. Made from our Armour Cloth fabric, this jacket is for every year's season. Armour Cloth is a very stiff but robust waxed cotton fabric. Once invented to protect the cargo of cars and trucks at the beginning of the 20th century, it was only a matter of time until armor cloth was also used for outdoor garments. It's robust, water-repellent, and offers great longevity. But be aware that this fabric needs to be broken in! Once tamed, the material provides great comfort and rewards the owner with a great patina over time.

  • 100% cotton fabric, double-sided waxed, 530 g per sqm
  • made by Halley Stevenson, a traditional company for waxed fabrics based in Schottland 
  • Three front pockets
  • Logo Buttons
  • Bar Tacks at stress areas
  • Made in Portugal