1947 Roamer Pant - designed for a life in the saddle

The 1947 Roamer Pant is a classic representation of denim pants of the late 1940s. The special feature of the pant is the higher waistband in the back and the wider thighs. This creates a very comfortable fit that provides optimal freedom of movement. In addition, the hem of the pants is tapered, which goes well with boots and sneakers.

The 1940s brought a lot of change to the fit of work pants. Originally, denim pants were meant to be overtrousers and were cut accordingly wide. However, that changed radically with World War II and the material savings that came with it. As a result, pants were produced narrower and more suitable. After the war, the trend remained with slimmer fits, and more specific fits were developed for different occupations. The 1947 Roamer Pant is a typical example of this development. They work pants but with slight changes in the fit to make them more suitable for cowboys. The 1947 Roamer Pant 17oz indigo is made of 17-ounce selvage denim. The denim is produced exclusively for us using an old recipe in Turkey on old shuttle looms. As a special detail, we added a ruler pocket on the right thigh made of Wabash Selvage Denim. This is large enough to hold modern smartphones.
The 1947 Roamer Pant 17oz indigo has all the details you would expect from our vintage denim, like the small pocket for the pocket watch, the D-ring, and the heavy stitching.

The following details characterize our 1947 Roamer Pant 17oz indigo: 
 - 17oz Selvage Denim made from 100% cotton, woven exclusively for us on old shuttle looms in Turkey. 
- Comfort Fit, High Back Rise 
- Tapered Leg 
- Ruler Pocket made of Wabash Denim, big enough for modern Smartphones 
- Made in Turkey

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