Digging into European fabric Roots

We are digging into the European history of fabrics with the new French Asphalt series. In contrast to North America, where mostly canvas and denim were used for work and outdoor wear, Europe has used a lot more variety in fabrics. We are primarily searching for and revitalizing old fabric recipes to bring back that European fabric heritage - just as we did with our French Asphalt fabric. We found a pair of trousers about 100 years old on a French Fleamarket in Normandy. We liked the fabric so much that we started developing it with one of our mills in Portugal. We sent it to the lab for analyzing the raw material, then did a lot of testing on the dyes and yarns and were finally able to reconstruct the fabric. Although coming from the work wear field, the fabric has a very nice and soft touch. We are fascinated by nature and history and hope you are, too! We are sure it will stay in the collection as an all-time classic.