Jungle Cloth: From Military Heritage to Modern Outdoor Gear

Jungle Cloth aka Bedford Cloth is a rugged 100% cotton fabric with wind and water-resistant qualities. It is named after New Bedford a famous American Textile town. Bedford or Jungle Cloth was used at the beginning of the 20th century for upholstery and workwear garments. 
However, the U.S. Military did not take long to use it for military garments. The most famous military garment made out of jungle cloth is the N-1 Deck jacket which was produced en masse during WW2. Technically belonging to the corduroy family, it is easily recognizable with its narrow vertical stripes. 
Jungle Cloth gets a great patina over time, so original WW2 Deck jackets have a great look and are highly sought-after pieces in the vintage collector's world. We manufacture our jungle cloth in Turkey using the same recipe as in the 1940s. It is dense, rugged, water and wind-resistant and gives you many, many years of hard use on our items like the N1 Deck Jacket and all the other items we make out of it. 
If you want that little extra for your outdoor protection we also offer our jungle cloth in a waxed version. Making it even more water-resistant and sturdier. 
The following items in our range are made with jungle cloth or waxed jungle cloth: