Pike Brothers Wool Blankets

Unveiling our Wool Blankets, a fusion of heritage warmth and contemporary flair.

Discover why you'll cherish them:

  1. Pure Wool, the Ultimate Comfort: These blankets are a testament to pure wool's embrace, cocooning you in warmth. It's akin to being enveloped in a comforting hug, ensuring cozy evenings on chilly nights or leisurely weekends.
  2. 1940s Elegance Reincarnated: Transport yourself to the glamour of the 1940s with our blanket's vintage-inspired design. Every detail pays homage to the sophistication of that era, elevating it from a mere blanket to a timeless piece that complements your home's aesthetic.
  3. Grand Dimensions - 170 x 200 cm: These blankets are generously sized at 170 x 200 cm, an open invitation to relaxation. They're not just for warmth; they beckon you to unwind in style. Perfect for your couch, bed, or as an elegant companion for your outdoor pursuits.
  4. The Finesse of Leather Handles: Melding practicality with refinement, each blanket features a handle made from the finest cowhide. Beyond its utility, it adds a touch of class, making it effortlessly portable wherever your adventures lead.
  5. Portuguese Craftsmanship: Embark on a journey of quality with our Wool Blankets, proudly Made in Portugal. The rich textile heritage of this country and their steadfast commitment to detail ensure that you receive a product that endures the test of time.

Envelop yourself in the traditions of warmth and elegance. Elevate your living space with our Wool Blankets, a timeless masterpiece of vintage design.