The Ravioli Roamer

Name: Ravioli Roamer

Inspiration and Basis: Modeled after Hill Climbing 

Model: BMW R18 

Technical Modifications:

Tires: Switched to Michelin Anakee knobby tires for better grip and stability off-road 

Oil Cooler: Relocated to prevent sanding 

Suspension: Öhlins shock absorber with height adjustment for optimal ground clearance 

Exhaust: Jekill & Hyde exhaust system for rich sound and performance enhancement 

Comfort and Practicality:

Coffee and ravioli can holder: Placed behind the oil cooler to keep drinks and food warm 

Design and Handling:

Fender: Custom-adjusted bobber fender by the bodybuilder, tailored to the wheel-tire position 

Handlebars: Custom handlebars from BMW R Nine T for perfect handling 

Color and Finish:

Workshop: Painted in 7012 gray, durable and masculine