Unveiling the Ultimate BMW-Pike Brothers Adventure Bike Collaboration - the RAVIOLI ROAMER

The project, created in collaboration with BMW Motorrad and Zweiradwerke, aims to create the ultimate adventure bike. It was inspired by the challenging sport of hill climbing, and every detail has been meticulously optimized.

The bike is equipped with Michelin Anakee knobby tires that provide excellent grip on various terrains. An Öhlins shock absorber with height adjustment ensures optimal ground clearance in rough terrain. The oil cooler has been strategically repositioned to avoid sanding, while a custom Jekill and Hyde exhaust system not only improves the sound but also enhances engine performance. For comfort during long rides, there are practical holders for coffee and ravioli cans right behind the oil cooler. 

A custom-adjusted bobber fender effectively protects against dirt and water. The bike is painted in a noble and durable shade of gray, chosen in the in-house workshop. This custom bike is not just a means of transportation but a reliable companion for any adventure, equipped with high-quality components and a thoughtful design that combines both functionality and aesthetics.

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