Smoke Grey

1905 Hauler Cap smoke grey
Hat sizes: M (58cm)
The Baker boy cap is an iconic piece, which can be...

1905 Hauler Vest smoke grey
Size: M
To haul, to pull, to carry, to drag. These are all...

1927 Harvester Jacket smoke grey
Size: 3XL
The 1927 Harvester Jacket takes its inspiration from...

1928 Newsboy Cap smoke grey
Hat sizes: L (59cm)
There is no image as vivid from the 1920th and 1930s...

1937 Roamer Vest smoke grey
Size: S
Our 1937 Roamer Vest in a light summer version. The...

1942 Hunting Pant smoke grey
Length: L34 | Waist: W44
Our 1942 Hunting Pant in a comfortable and lightweight...