"Meet our Retailer" - Stammhalter Lörrach

At Pike Brothers, we are proud to have a network of retailers around the world who share our passion for vintage fashion and high-quality garments. We want to introduce you to the faces behind these stores and give you a glimpse into their shops and what they love about Pike Brothers. 

Stammhalter Lörrach is a vintage-inspired clothing and accessories retailer located in Lörrach, Germany. The store's owner, Tobi, shares his passion for the brand Pike Brothers in our recent interview and video, providing insights into the store's history and unique shopping experience. 

Tobi's enthusiasm and knowledge of vintage fashion are evident as he shares his passion for the clothing and accessories in his store. With a focus on customer service and a passion for authenticity and attention to detail, Stammhalter Lörrach is a must-visit destination for vintage fashion enthusiasts in the region.

Now enjoy the photos and the video we made during our visit to Lörrach, and be sure to visit Tobi and his colleague Yannik in the store!