1943 CPO Shirt Kena green

The U.S. Navy CPO Shirt - a classic among outdoor shirts.

Life on deck was and is a rough affair. That's why clothing had to be specially designed for wind and weather. Over the decades, certain materials and fits have been developed in the seafaring industr and proved themselves. The 1943 CPO Shirt is one such garment that has evolved in the Navy and is still used today. Originally developed in the 1930's the cut and material has changed only slightly over the decades. Good freedom of movement and 2 large chest pockets characterize our 1943 CPO Shirt.
Originally CPOs were made from a heavy wool fabric. Over the decades a wide variety of materials have been used. The shirts of the Kena series are made of a heavy flannell fabric which is not brushed and therefore has a rich texture and a firm grip. The fabric is a real heavyweight with 310 gramms and is woven exclusively for us in Portugal.

The following details characterize our 1943 CPO Shirt:

- 100% cotton, 310 gsm
- Authentic fit of the 1940s
- Cat eye buttons
- prewashed
- Made in Portugal

Care instructions
Machine Wash 40°
Do Not Bleach
Tumble Dry Normal
Iron Medium Heat